How well do you tell a story?

Find out and let your friends be the judges.

You’re the protagonists. You’re the readers. You’re the players. You’re the storytellers. 

Start your story now! 

(This game is as SFW as you make it to be.)

Two players start writing a part of a story, submitting their suggestions to be judged by all other players. The judges decide which continuation they prefer with a vote. The winner of the vote gets a point and their story is displayed. Then two other players are tasked to continue the adventure.

Proud team of 

  • Mathias Lux
  • Bernd Münzer
  • Andi Leibetseder
  • Armin Lippitz
  • Christoph Karisch
  • Sabrina Kletz

Wouldn't be possible without the hard work of the developers of AI Dungeon!



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